# FAQ \| Frequently Asked Questions Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about HumHub, its features and services: **How can I keep up with the latest developments and news?** The HumHub team publishes updates on all developments on a regular basis. These are announced in the [News section of this community](https://community.humhub.com/s/announcements/) and in our newsletter. Subscribe to the [newsletter](https://customer.humhub.com/newsletter) to make sure you never miss any important news. \*\*How can I upgrade an existing HumHub instance? ++ There are regular updates to our HumHub software as we are constantly developing new features and functionality. Updating your HumHub can be done in just a few steps. \[Instructions can be found in our [documentation](http://docs.humhub.org/admin-updating-automatic.html). **How can I help to translate HumHub into other languages?** As an open source project, we are very happy if you actively contribute to the translation and improvement of our project. Our software has been translated into more than 30 languages. To contribute to the respective translations, [please register at translate.humhub.org](https://translate.humhub.org) **I have found a problem/bug, where can I report it?** We are very grateful for your proactive help in keeping HumHub bug free. [Just create a new issue on GitHub.](https://github.com/humhub/) The HumHub team will address all reported issues in a timely manner. **I would like to contribute to a module from the marketplace. Where can I find the source code?** In addition to the core software, we also host most of the modules on GitHub. \[You can find an overview of all modules [here](https://github.com/humhub/). **Can I build my own modules for HumHub?** Yes, there are many professional third-party developers and community members who are actively involved in the ongoing development and improvement of our software. Our project has a detailed developer [documentation](https://docs.humhub.org/docs/develop/overview) that gives developers insight into how to create their own modules and integrate them seamlessly into the platform. **What is the best way to customise HumHub to my needs?** If you want to add new features, [you can create your own modules.](https://www.humhub.org/docs/guide-dev-module-index.html) We appreciate you developing things that the whole community can benefit from. This is an important part of our big vision. If you want to customise the software to your CI/CD, take a look at our themeing guide [create a new theme](http://docs.humhub.org/theme-README.html). **Can I customise or extend the functionality of HumHub?** Yes, HumHub is designed to be very lean and clean. However, you can add and install more than [80 modules from our marketplace](https://marketplace.humhub.com/browse/index) to add more features to your network, including Calendar, Translator, Wiki, Custom Pages, Messenger and much more. For more FAQs about the software, our services and the [Professional Edition](https://www.humhub.com/de/professional-edition/) please visit our website -> Resources -> [FAQ](https://www.humhub.com/de/resources/#faq). We wish you a lot of success and fun with HumHub and are grateful that you are an active member of our great community.